Portfolio Project Ideas for Web Developers

Two questions come up over and over again when talking with you guys about building a portfolio and applying for web developer jobs:

  • “What should I build for practice and to gain experience?”
  • “What projects should I build to show to employers?”

“I don’t feel like I have enough experience to get hired. What should I attempt to build as practice, and to put in my portfolio?” ~ Everyone

Here are seven of my favorite ideas for projects that you could build to include in your portfolio.

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How to Start an Open Source Project on GitHub (that people use)

This weekend my side project Jekyll Now hit 1,000 forks :tada: on GitHub. It’s being used by many to create blogs using GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Starting an open source project is a great way to build your web developer portfolio while creating something for everyone’s benefit.

During the last few months of building Jekyll Now, I’ve learned that making something to fit my own needs was easy, but making an open source project that other hackers will benefit from, use, and contribute to is a lot tougher.

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Web Developer Portfolio Example: Jonny MacEachern

Jonny MacEachern is web developer from Nova Scotia. He graduated college in Spring and is currently looking for a job that allows him to travel and work remotely. One of the biggest strengths of Jonny's portfolio is it's simplicity. It's one page of hand-coded HTML/CSS without using any CMS or frameworks, and puts a strong focus on his work.

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How to design your portfolio to get hired - a study of JadLimcaco.com

As a web developer, your portfolio is an essential piece of your job application. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate a curated selection of your best pieces of work—or maybe your only work if you’re new! If done right, your portfolio will give you a huge advantage amongst a sea of applicants.

In these portfolio studies, you’re going to find out how the pros do it. I’m hand-picking the best web developer and web designer portfolios on the internet and breaking them down piece by piece, giving you ideas and inspiration for your portfolio site.

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Lean UX NYC Notes

Here are my non-comprehensive notes from Day 1 of Lean UX NYC conference. The notes are on things that I want to remember, but could be useful to others.

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Adaptive, Responsive or Mobile First?

There are a few options available when creating a mobile browser experience for your website. I recently explored each of them while deciding which build to go for with a clients’ website.

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